About LittleNature.com


The Tailor Elf and the Cotton Elf were great pals for ages. They met once upon a time on the porch of a flat in the red block building near the Huge Park.

The Cotton Elf liked it in the nature – he was always out and about searching for the new fibres to make fabrics from. Cotton, hemp, bamboo, silk and wool were his favourites. After all children needed to grow wrapped up in the best the nature could offer, their delicate silky skin touched by the tenderness of Mother Earth. So he lived in that Huge Park near the Ponds, occasionally venturing Far Far Away in search for new fibres and fabrics.

The Tailor Elf loved it indoors in the Sawing Box, where all the Threads and the Needles, and Pins and Elastics were put to rest by the Mother after the Little Girls went to bed having sewn all the clothes for their dollies that they could manage in one evening. That’s where he slept. To play he went to the drawers where the Little Girls were keeping all the pieces of fabrics which they were using to make the dollies’ clothes. Tailor Elf loved to listen to the stories that the Little Girls were telling each other when they were designing the clothes.

As though aware of Tailor Elf’s existence they always told the stories about him…
“Once upon a time Tailor Elf was walking in the dark grass under the starlit sky and came up with this silver voile tutu skirt – have a look here!” the younger Little Girl would say to the older.

And the Tailor Elf would peer in to have a look at the little creation and would hurry off to tell his great pal so that the Cotton Elf would know which kind of fabric to search to create the starlit voile tutu skirt. The two Elves would excitedly discuss what they needed to copy the fantasy of the Little Girls into real clothes for the Girls and Boys and off they would be – one chasing the stars for the fabric and the other pattern cutting and sawing…

And thus – the littlenature.com collection came into existence… it’s the first one by the two Little Girls and two Elves, and they so hope that you will like it…


At littlenature.com we believe that children deserve only the best. That’s why we use natural fabrics for our clothes, which allow the young skin to breath well and develop properly. And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune!

We are a young start up that grew out of passion about children’s health and well-being, and compassion to caring parents who have to pay ridiculous amounts if they want to dress their children in good quality clothes made from natural fabrics. We thought that care for children must be rewarded not punished. So we went out and tried to find a better way – and hope you’ll like the results!

Our clothes are produced in Europe – so no sweatshops involved, but yet they are affordable, as well as great quality and natural. Welcome to littlenature.com – the world of happy children and parents.

Littlenature.com – nature’s best gifts for your little ones!